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Personal Training Sessions

Emma is performing online HIIT workout in her back yard in Fulham. The session is with strong core engagement and a constant high heart rate.

Christina is bringing the gym at her home for an intense workout where she burns over 1000 calories in 90 minutes - no excuses!

Christina is showing how you can combine strength and cardio in one online personal training session with the help of resistance bands.

Free weights strengthening session using home gym equipment so that you stay on track with your programme even when the gyms are closed.

Sebastian is enjoying the summer days with an intense back, arms and abs workout using free weights and resistance bands.

Home workout with compound movements in the back yard allows Emma to burn fat while working on her strength.

Training at home under PT supervision gives you the perfect opportunity to focus on you set and raise your heart rate really high.

Short online HIIT session is perfect for everyone with busy schedule. In just 30 minutes you will get a full body workout in fat burn mode.

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