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Personal Training Sessions

As long as there is a desire to train there is always a place. Outdoors training session with agility core and strength exercises with minimal equipment.

Normand park in Fulham is ideal for a high intensity session with home gym equipment.

Over 1,000 calories burned in one session.

Boxing session in the early morning will make sure you are fully prepared for a successful day.  

Great drill for fat burn and strength.

A workout in South park aiming improving physical qualities needed for confident performance in Tennis.

Training in small groups is always more fun. 

Eel Brook park is perfect for a workout while is raining in Fulham. Natasha is showing excellent form in this HIIT workout.

Achieving a goal goes trough different stages with the help of different equipment.

Staying persistent is the key to your results. 

Outdoors workout in South Park, Fulham. 

Challenging yourself in different ways strengthens not only the body, but the mind as well.

Fast bodyweight workout in Fulham's park with classics of skipping, push ups and pull ups.

Perfect for morning boost to kick start your day.

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