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I started my fitness journey at the age of 6 when my dad subscribed me to a ski racing team which I was part of for the next 10 years. During this period, I became passionate about health and fitness, driving me to qualify as Physio Therapist at the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria.

After relocating to London, I decided to focus my work in injury and disease prevention related to low activity by qualifying as a Personal Trainer. After just two years of hard work in the biggest gym in Fulham I have decided that it’s time to set a new goal – making everyone fit, healthy and happy as I am!

In my experience I have specialized predominantly in fitness for elderly people and fat loss. My workouts are designed in a way which will keep you entertained, motivated and looking forward to your next session. I am always challenging my clients to try new movements and routines so that they can experience the true abilities of their bodies and be proud of it!

Since I graduated, nearly 20 years ago I was carefully observing the results my training and nutrition have over my performance and appearance. This is a knowledge I am applying when working with my clients and gives me the confidence the expect the results from my training the be on place!





The single best decision I made last year was to start training with Kalin.
The return on investment is *insane*.
Every workout is planned in advance, and I receive Kalin's full attention throughout.
This means all I have to do is show up and do what I'm told. I can focus entirely on performing the exercises because I know that everything else is being taken

care of.
As a result, I am able to push so much harder and get so much better results than before. Kalin knows exactly how to get the best performance out of me, even when carefully accommodating for an injury with

my knees or shoulders.
Look no further if you want a real pro with

a killer mindset.


17 September, 2020

I have been training under Kalin’s guidance for almost two years and have no hesitation in recommending him as a PT.

Competent, professional and keen, he will tailor his fitness program to suit each individual’s requirements and capabilities.

There is no joint he cannot fix, no group of muscles that he cannot put to work.

The tangible results of his dedication and patience will not be late to show and I wish him every success.


12 May, 2020

I've been training with Kalin for nearly 2 years now and have learnt so much, gaining confidence in the gym and getting a lot stronger.

You work hard for the results but definitely worth it! I'd highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn more, get fitter and stronger!


13 April, 2020

I started training with Kalin a year ago and it's the best decision I ever made.

During the course of the last year not only he helped me to train my body but also turned my mentality towards training and healthy life style.

Always extremely professional and supportive. I highly recommend him to anyone I know.


24 February, 2020


Online & 1 on 1 

Personal Training

We are all unique individuals with different experience and aim. The first step in achieving progress is setting up a certain goal within a specific time frame. Once you know what you would like to achieve, I will design a custom meal plan and training routine to keep you challenged and motivated at the same time!


Basic exercises with free weights, fitness machines and some ideas how to mix them up once you have mastered the correct form.

Workouts are performed in TheGym Fulham, the same can be executed in any other gym. 

Book your free taster in TheGym Fulham here.


If you prefer to workout from home here you can see a few online training sessions with me and my clients.

Using your body weight and whatever fitness equipment you have at home, I will carry out custom workouts helping you to achieve your goals. The online personal training sessions are carried out via video calls using Zoom, WhatsApp or others video call services.

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Online Workouts.png

We live in very busy times. For many of us is difficult to find time and go to the gym or the park for a workout. Using your own home as a training playground is excellent solution for everyone with a busy schedule.

To get the most out of your time I will design for you a custom goals orientated training plan considering the gym equipment you have at home as well as other items  available for you to use.

Parks are giving us unlimited possibilities to train in open air. As your personal trainer in Fulham I will deliver you every time with unique and challenging workout which will push you to your limits and brings you one step closer to your goals.

With the use of resistance bands and suspension training you will tone your muscles the same way as if you are in a gym.

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